Immersive Space Programme Augmented Reality Experience

• beacons & IPS  • photogrammetry

• 360° video production  • 360° video streaming



Immersive Space Programme Augmented Reality Experience

• beacons & IPS  • photogrammetry

• 360° video production  • 360° video streaming

©2017 Plan BETA Limited

©2017 Plan BETA Limited

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iSPARX team

The team developing the GLAM product iSPARX
for the Immersive Space Programme  •  the Lost Boys

iSPARX team

The team developing the GLAM product iSPARX
for the Immersive Space Programme  •  the Lost Boys


>> Lost Boys Digital Team [ digital team based @ TAG the Agency ] 

Finn Beattie

- Lost Boy HOD Digital

Ethan Wimsett

- Lost Boy Lead Creative

James Norling

- Lost Boy Lead Technical

Sammy Macher

- Intern 3D modelling / Photogrammetry

Joff Rae

Producer / Founder

Line Producer / PlanBETA  |  based @ PlanBETA bunker
Te Ati Awa

>> Production Team [ PlanBETA Bunker & AKL ]

Audrey Holyoake

Administration / Director PlanBETA

The Bunker

Aaron Hobman

Production Manager / PlanBETA


Oscar Holyoake

360° Editor; SFX / Alpha State
Te Ati Awa


Cole Holyoake

Industrial & Front End Design / Alpha State
Te Ati Awa

The Bunker

Jos Wheeler - director / dop / documentary maker & photographer / DoP; Pierre Purdue - account manager; Zen Joseph - account manager; John H Morrison - location manager; Isaac Patterson - UAV / 360° camera operator; Roger Jay Johnson - account manager; Mac Te Ngahue - education & culture; Tavita David Saena - documentary maker / director / location manager; Chris CK Payton - audio engineer; Darryl DLT Thompson - music producer / artist / activist.  Contractors are located across New Zealand predominantly Auckland & Wellington but also Dunedin, Nelson, Hawkes Bay & Rotorua.  Other featured & regular contractors are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, Singapore & Paris + PlanBETA engages several reputable artists.


Shelley Kopu

Shelley Kopu is the Employment Relations Manager and Legal Counsel at ASB Bank in Auckland.  In a career that has spanned more than 20 years she has held senior management positions in large private companies, law and accountancy firms. She is a Trustee of the Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust, a member of the Institute of Directors and in November 2016 became a Tui Ora Director.

Kevin Smith

Solicitor & legal representation.
Wellington based lawyer Kevin Smith has represented Plan BETA Limited since incorporation & now acts for Immersive Space Programme Limited.  He has broad knowledge in commercial law & provides a basis to company decisions on intellectual property, agreements & contracting including licensing.

Suzanne Tamaki

Suzanne Tamaki is a New Zealand fibre-based artist of Te Arawa, Ngāti Maniapoto and Tūhoe descent. She operates under the label Native Sista and was one of the founding members of the Pacific Sisters.  Informed by indigenous concerns of Aotearoa, New Zealand, Tamaki’s jewellery, fashion and photography portrays a reclamation of colonised spaces. As Megan Tamati-Quenell writes of her work 'They are created conceptually, provocativley and with political intent'.


Michael Hurle

Michael has over 30 years of experience in professional services, a Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers (New York, Moscow, Jakarta, etc).  He brings deep expertise and broad experience to any business context.  Areas in which he thrives include questions of governance, risk management, in particular IT related risks, which in today’s world means cyber and data.


Shane James

Shane is kaitiaki (guardian) of the Maori collection at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa - Collections Manager.
Artist Shane James, Muaupoko (Rangitane, Te Ati Awa, Te Arawa, Ngai Tahu) draws on extensive travel and experience with other cultures to pursue his own cultural identity through art.
“Experiencing the rich culture of other people has helped build an appreciation of their culture, and also of my own” he says.


Ati Teepa

Ati is the Public Engagement Facilitator & Event Specialist at Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
Ati Teepa is Tuhoe and lives in Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui.  Raised in Ruatoki on his many marae, he credits falling off horses and going ‘up the bush’ with his dad and uncles as the best schools he ever went to.


media production

A destination for event & media rich content - we produce + event / image / design//

Plan BETA help clients inspire spectacular & engaging experiences: events, promotions, design, digital, print & engagement; innovators in exhibits, social & mobile, location & moving image. >> online / offline / live / interactive//

Alpha State

Cole Holyoake Design & indie[prod]:OscarHolyoake

+ design graphics, web & industrial.  www.coleholyoake.com

+ editing & video SFX; 360° video & media production, after effects & SFX.

+ audio & LX; studio production.



3D scanning / Photogrammetry

The Ditto mobile scanning booth (technology exclusive in NZ) takes less than a second to capture a full body scan.

+ 3D scan & models+ Photogrammetry


conversational artificial intelligence

ConnVRse are dedicated to the promotion ofConversational Commerce and Digital Transformation via truly Interactive Cognitive Computing Solutions - all environments, Real, Virtual, Augmented, and everything in between.

3D iSPARX team

3D iSPARX team



Immersive Space Programme Limited

Company number : 6296047

NZ Business Number : 9429046165220

Incorporation Date : 01 Jun 2017

Total Number of Shares: 1500
Extensive Shareholding: No

Shareholders in Allocation:


Allocation 1:
300 shares (20.00%)



Allocation 2:
300 shares (20.00%)



Allocation 3:
300 shares (20.00%)


Allocation 4:
300 shares (20.00%)



Allocation 5:
300 shares (20.00%)


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Immersive Space Programme & iSPARX is a collaborative effort...

Plan BETA has independently developed the basis of the iSPARX product & has advanced the production process for 360° video & immersive media with Alpha STATE Limited & other sub contractors (3SIX0DEGREES Limited) including database & front end R&D & demonstration media.  Furthermore the company has developed streaming 2D & 360° video on multiple platforms & in AR & VR (Unity); established publishing & licensing; established & developed content websites; & maintained & developed relationships with suppliers & clients.

The Lost Boys provide iSPARX with 3D models & asset development including templates & practical examples.  The independent company Lost Boys Limited operate with autonomy in the GLAM sector & retain an interest in iSPARX; the company specialise in 3D asset production & development of standards & processing for the iSPARX platform.

Ditto is a photogrammetry company specialising in 3D full body capture, commercial 3D model development & distribution including 3D colour print & online.

ConnVRse are a partnership dedicated to the promotion of Conversational Commerce and Digital Transformation via truly Interactive Cognitive Computing Solutions.  The ConnVRse team come with 5 years + R&D in the Cognitive Computing / AI space with AI-Applied NZ Limited & are qualified professionals with extensive experience in both local and global IT Markets.