AbTeC - Winnipeg / Canada Expo & Conference

AbTeC - Winnipeg / Canada Expo & Conference


The third annual (and first public!) Symposium on the Future Imaginary will showcase a critical mass of artists, community activists, curators and academics presenting their visions of the future of Indigenous people. From November 30 to December 2, three days of multidisciplinary conversations about Indigenous art & media, scholarship, and cultural innovation at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and University of Winnipeg.

The Immersive Space Programme & Plan BETA are building content for the prodigious conference to be presented by renown artists Suzanne Tamaki & Kereama Teapa with Curator Reuben Friend...

Its a tough job, but someone has to do it...

Its a tough job, but someone has to do it...

download the iSPARX demo App... Amy's Playboy cover photo is an AR trigger

download the iSPARX demo App... Amy's Playboy cover photo is an AR trigger


Plan BETA with Ditto & the Immersive Space Programme have the pleasure of working with celebrity Playboy model Amy Lee Summers...

* watch this space - details soon


With over a Million followers on social media Amy Lee Summers is a bonifide international Kiwi celebrity influencer!

iSPARX - the new immersive media asset platform by PlanBETA

iSPARX - the new immersive media asset platform by PlanBETA

@ the Immersive Space Programme by PlanBETA we choreograph exceptional 360° immersive media.

We produce experiential 360° media for multiple platforms - primarily mobile & web, Daydream & cardboard, GearVR & premier VR headsets - Oculus, HTC Vive, PlaystationVR & Hololens.

iSPARX is a catalogue of edited 360° video, interactive immersive media & streaming content - live & VoD; you will find Apps & 360° media content made in the Immersive Space Programme.

Immersive Space Programme & iSPARX is a collaborative effort...

Plan BETA has independently developed the basis of the iSPARX product & has advanced the production process for 360° video & immersive media with Alpha STATE Limited & other sub contractors (3SIX0DEGREES Limited) including database & front end R&D & demonstration media.  Furthermore the company has developed streaming 2D & 360° video on multiple platforms & in AR & VR (Unity); established publishing & licensing; established & developed content websites; & maintained & developed relationships with suppliers & clients.

The Lost Boys provide iSPARX with 3D models & asset development including templates & practical examples.  The independent company Lost Boys Limited operate with autonomy in the GLAM sector & retain an interest in iSPARX; the company specialise in 3D asset production & development of standards & processing for the iSPARX platform.

Ditto is a photogrammetry company specialising in 3D full body capture, commercial 3D model development & distribution including 3D colour print & online.

ConnVRse are a partnership dedicated to the promotion of Conversational Commerce and Digital Transformation via truly Interactive Cognitive Computing Solutions.  The ConnVRse team come with 5 years + R&D in the Cognitive Computing / AI space with AI-Applied NZ Limited & are qualified professionals with extensive experience in both local and global IT Markets.

Lost Boys crew - making the Immersive Space Programme

Lost Boys crew - making the Immersive Space Programme

Finn Beattie - Lost Boy General Manager Lost Boy Spokesperson

Finn Beattie - Lost Boy

General Manager
Lost Boy Spokesperson

Ethan Wimsett - Lost Boy Lead Creative

Ethan Wimsett
- Lost Boy

Lead Creative

James Norling - Lost Boy Lead Technical

James Norling
- Lost Boy

Lead Technical

The Lost Boys are ex interns with & recent graduates on their way to success with Plan BETA initiative the Immersive Space Programme launched this month...

These guys have joined the Plan BETA crew & made some significant impressions in Augmented Reality with a recent exhibition & residency at Toi Poneke...

With projects at Te Papa & Melbourne Fringe Festival & major public events involving huge AR subjects & VR installations the team is set for some virtual greatness in Wellington City & beyond... a fresh startup the Lost Boys have spent a year as interns on projects from Mahuki (Te Papa incubator) & Plan BETA while completing degrees & eventually taking a residency at Toi Poneke.  The residency was an opportunity to develop the basis of a business that would contribute independently to the Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA.

Plans involve an interactive AR installation in Melbourne for the Melbourne Fringe; Waitangi Day Wellington AR theme; & installations in the Performance Arcade & Matariki events 2018 in Wellington.  More events & involvement in Plan BETA projects are expected.

"We're impressed with these guys" says Plan BETA Producer Joff Rae "they fit well in the team & are capable... they demand high standards of their work & drive each other with a nice pace & their output speaks volumes".

The team will work autonomously from the Plan BETA & Alpha State media, event & design production on projects specifically involving digital AR & VR builds while having an active & direct input to the development & direction of the iSPARX platform.  Lost boys will be taking interns in graphic design & some aspects of the VR & AR builds over the next month & will sub contract some tasks for various projects...


Salmonella Dub 25th Anniversary dates - touring schedule TBA

Salmonella Dub 25th Anniversary dates - touring schedule TBA

Recent announcement of the 25th Anniversary gigs have received a great response - & more events with the band & guests will follow...


+ Promoter FUZEN has announced three events headlining a "return of Tiki"...

+ The band will be playing commemorative gigs at key spots (including the West Coast, Nelson & Kaikoura)...

+ The Salmonella Dub Soundsystem will release dates on runs with special guests from the UK & USA (HUGE announcements to follow!)

SALMONELLA DUB featuring the return of TIKI TAANE
for 3 exclusive shows! 

31st December - Northern Bass, Mangawhai (R18)
13th January - Christchurch - Hagley Park
3rd February - Taupo - Owen Delany Park

TICKETS starting from $79.90 - on sale 7 June
from www.theticketfairy.com 

Salmonella Dub, legends of the NZ music scene are celebrating their 25th anniversary with three very special shows this summer, featuring the return of Tiki Taane.

These shows mark 25 years for the multiple platinum selling and award winning Salmonella Dub, and will be especially memorable with the featured return of Tiki Taane who worked with the band from 1996 until 2006.

Pioneers of Aotearoa’s Dub n’ Bass scene, Salmonella Dub have always pushed musical boundaries, taking a reggae foundation and fusing it with multiple genres to create a sound entirely their own.

Salmonella Dub’s impressive and very important place in New Zealand music history is undeniable - seven studio albums, three remix albums, a live album with the NZSO, four EP’s, and over 161 songs collectively achieving 10 x platinum across a catalogue that has sold over 600k worldwide, 270 + festival appearances, five Tui awards, and twelve Bnets awards all proving testament to this band's iconic status.

Founding member Andrew Penman says “We are preparing an iconic, audio-visual, bass heavy, back catalogue mash up with a super-abundantly full treasure chest of guests”.

Tiki Taane says of his welcome return “To be able to help my old band mates celebrate 25 years of Salmonella Dub is a glorious prospect and probably a once in a lifetime occurrence – no one will want to miss this”.

From their very first live appearance in 1993, to the forthcoming 25th anniversary tour, passion, creativity, energy, driving bass beats and pure joy are the signature hallmarks of one of New Zealand’s most successful bands.

Don’t miss out on what promises to be a truly phenomenal live eight-piece band executed dance floor experience.

Tickets on sale Wed 7th June from The Ticket Fairy

Plan BETA acquire new 360° resources & expand streaming capabilities...

Plan BETA acquire new 360° resources & expand streaming capabilities...

360° streaming

Our selected platforms for delivery of 360° video content are Vimeo360, Facebook Live & JW Player - or alternatives to suit the client audience demographic & requirement.

Vimeo360 is a high quality delivery platform for 360° video content - up to 8K video on demand.

Facebook Live is the most accessible user format for our live streamed 360° video.  Additionally we upload 360° video & meta tagged stills to the social networking platform for access on the GearVR Facebook 360 App.

- JW Player -
Our preferred live streaming & on demand platform for web delivery & PlanBETApps is JW Player - the worlds most popular streaming network (since 2005).  We use JW Player for all our customised 360° & 2D video streaming - on demand or live.  We utilise JW Player on customised streaming sphvreApps & PlanBETAR - 360° integrated media & Augmented Reality Apps on mobile iOS & Android, iPad, GearVR, Oculus & premium headsets PSVR & HTC Vive, DayDream & cardboard... multiple platforms of delivery from one platform of media dissemination.

We produce every aspect of 360° streaming media - from direction & capture to multiple platform distribution & delivery.

    Our story

    Over the history of entertainment, each new media format to emerge has represented a step forward in immersion and presence.
    Immersive video is arguably the culmination of this evolution, a media format in which consuming content is becoming indistinguishable from having real life experiences.

    We've been making & developing 360° media content & delivery - & we're now the most prolific & effective 360° content producer in New Zealand.  We’ve made innovative new media for over 20 years… we anticipate 360° immersive content & integrated augmented reality is a new paradigm in media.

    Our team have extensive collective experience in concept, capture & delivery of technology & media systems & content; we are not an alternative to a conventional design or production company - we are nonconformist, schismatic & eccentric: & we enjoy what we do - we specialise in 360° media content production.

    We predicted that 360° media content would become more accessible with social & commercial demands & as the technology advanced... we realised that the market would quickly demand effective production that could foresee the requirements of the audience & clients; develop a unique process for content production & creation; & deliver an effective product - not just a novelty.

    So the task was to develop a methodology that fulfilled four essential elements:

    • concept - ideas, concepts & choreography in 360° media; storytelling; interactive;
    • capture - unique methods & choreography in capture; UAV [drones], RCV [remote controlled vehicles] & custom rigs; & live broadcast streaming;
    • creative - innovation & interactivity; developing & creating 360° media environments; AR / VR interactive environments;
    • delivery - multi platform [desktop, headset, etc]; trade show & commercial application; & live broadcast streaming.

    Searching For The Sun - Salmonella Dub [ NEW unreleased track ]

    Searching For The Sun - Salmonella Dub [ NEW unreleased track ]

    Yo, hope your week has been fine? Here's our first nu tune for the summer. We're running a vocal competition for this starting next week. Yodel a vocal for us... All styleez welcomed. The winner gets to release a recorded version with us + 2 VIP tix to Raggamuffin X Feb 18th, plus a box set of Sal Dub CD's and vinyl. Comp starts next week. More info here over the weekend. ENJOY!

    CH, website

    A functional example of a well designed website - with some new products & old favourites this story continues to provide expressive & balanced design, functional flavour & taste with superb subtle detail.  You will leave satisfied with the experience.  by Cole Holyoake.

    VRUX interactive 360°

    VRUX interactive 360°

    VRUX immersive media package

    Our premium on demand product*

    • the VRUX customisable App package - our engaging VR 360° immersive media designed for delivery on multiple platforms...
    • a fully customised app for GearVR, Oculus, HTC Vive, PlaystationVR & cardboard - interact with your video & triggered graphics, audio & AR content;
    • specific prescribed content: 360° video & stills with injected metadata for YouTube, Facebook, Littlstar & Vimeo;
    • 2D flat images including 'little planets' & still frame images for social networking & PR release.

    Mixed Reality Interactive

    VRUX interactive APP

    • 360° capture
    • multiple camera rigs
    • integrated / interactive media
    • audio / location multichannel mix

    • audio / edit
    • advanced edit
    • AR / MR elements
    • advanced output / multiple platform

    • CGI / interactive graphic AR elements
    • customised App development

    • social networking resources
    • asset packages

    VRUX includes :

    .../VRUX_App/ready to load to GearVR, cardboard & premium headsets

    .../360°videos/ x 8 (incl. showreel)

    .../360°stills/ x 7

    .../LittlePlanets/ x 7

    .../archive/ 2D stills / etc

    + content produced by sphvre
    Client : ATEED
    Production : Plan BETA
    Line Producer : Joff Rae
    Associate Producer : John JD Duncan
    Stitch / Edit : Oscar Holyoake
    Camera Operator : Peter Houston
    Grip : Jeremy Shepherd
    VR / Unity Engineer : Mitch Duncan

    Freedom360 rig / Kolor AutoPano + Giga/ Premier// Unity / AVPro + for GearVR / Oculus output //

    Plan BETA / RICOH - print broker

    Plan BETA / RICOH - print broker

    Plan BETA are now officially brokering print with RICOH//

    We're still printing large format print with Supercolour - Trade Only print... that's billboards, A0 & other large format digital requirements.  Now that Supercolour has consolidated operations & invested millions of dollars on new machines the out source of small digital print has been picked up by RICOH Express... we provide the same low rates as we did & you get the best wholesale deals the market can offer - even more exclusive as Supercolour has closed it's doors to all but selected Trade only clients.

    Plan BETA joins Squarespace Circles - development community

    Plan BETA joins Squarespace Circles - development community

    The Circle supports the community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients.

    Plan BETA have been building entry & mid level websites with Squarespace since the group started so the fit is automatic...

    "We've built several websites for our clients on this platform & I expect us to build many more" says Creative Joff Rae.  "We use Squarespace for our own website because it fulfils all our requirements & provides a great management system..."

    Plan BETA make sophisticated & engaging websites & by default use the Squarespace platform to build from.  The platform allows a client to manage his own social networking integration, blogs, content... it's a great system for small to medium size businesses.

    Squarespace makes integration & user management accessible & functional.

    need a new website? from $500* incl, domain & hosting!

    need a new website? from $500* incl, domain & hosting!

    Great value & damn cool websites
    from Plan BETA!

    Get a website for as little as $500*

    **We'll have you online within 12 hours!

    We want to increase the capacity & delivery of our web servers so we're offering a deal for a short time = 50% off the design hours of websites ordered before April & free domain name & hosting - you could have a website for as little as $500 including hosting & domain for a year! terms & conditions apply*

    • check out examples & standard costs of our work here... 

    Plan BETA websites >

    Plan BETA websites >

    * refers to a simple cover page, hosting & domain registration - please see example www.beanhere.co.nz




    from $500
    incl. domain & hosting



    from $1500
    incl. domain & hosting



    from $2500
    + free domain & hosting & content

    + ask about our custom build HTML5, CSS & VR websites!

    OZO - VR is now here!

    OZO - VR is now here!

    nowhere / now here

    The Camera Presenting the groundbreaking Nokia OZO VR Camera. That's VR as in virtual reality. That's right—the stuff mentioned in every sci-fi movie ever. The OZO lets you record real life and experience it again later via a VR headset. It works just like a movie camera—except it captures visuals and sound in 360, capturing true presence. Trust us on this, when you see a VR film shot on the OZO, you'll forget where you are, but feel like you're there. The Goal Nokia wants your help defining what's possible in the new medium and leave any hangups to linear storytelling at the door. So tell us your Concepts for some amazing and immersive VR short films. Horror, romance, education, adventure, time capsule, combine them all...whatever! Any story that takes advantage of this new medium and shows us something we haven't seen before. Nokia will give two filmmakers access to the OZO Camera to bring the winning Concepts to life. And here's the best part: the First Place Video Winner will get to keep their very own OZO! How it Works The competition will be broken into six phases: PHASE 1 - CONCEPT (open to anyone): Submit up to FIVE Concepts for a mind-blowing narrative VR short film. PHASE 2 - CONCEPT VOTING (open to anyone): Come back to vote on the top ten Semi-Finalists' Concepts to help determine the TWO winning Concepts. PHASE 3 - PITCH (open to all filmmakers): Filmmakers will pitch for a chance to make a VR short film and receive a production budget. PHASE 4 - PRODUCTION (open to the two pitch winners): The two filmmakers will each produce an awesome VR short and the Grand Prize Winner will receive their very own OZO VR Camera!

    DJI S1000+&WKM Combo - Drone//

    DJI S1000+&WKM Combo - Drone//

    The Spreading Wings S1000+ Octocopter is a highly portable, powerful aerial system that takes your DSLR to the skies.

    The S1000+/S1000 Plus puts DJI’s latest professional-line technology into their most advanced octocopter to date. Incorporating a recently developed power distribution board and a new propulsion system, the S1000+ has a maximum takeoff weight of 11kg and is fully compatible with DJI’s Zenmuse Z15-5D gimbals.

    Large carrying capacity, compatible with Zenmuse gimbal, new power distribution system and removable upper board are the highlights among S1000+'s features.

    Plan BETA to shoot VR360° projects - 2016

    Plan BETA to shoot VR360° projects - 2016

    New Plan BETA / NZVR360° website coming soon!

    VR is here... & Nokia have given up making phones to make OZO... Plan BETA will be shooting several projects in VR360° over 2016 - embracing the new technology.  It helps that Youtube have taken the playback seriously - a way to get the new product out!

    ozostory #makingOZO #makingVR

    There are various ways to playback the content with headsets & Youtube supporting the technology - in a 2D playback that can be manipulated on screen or with a mobile device.

    There is a clever "cardboard" head set from Google (VR is definitely on the Google scope - pun intended) for Samsung mobile playback as a split screen...

    In Chrome on the desktop, the 360 degree view is controlled via the mouse - try the Tomorrowland 360 experience below >>

    Experience the magic of Tomorrowland in a unique 360 degrees adventure. Video production: The Tomorrowland Creative Team and Scopic.nl.

    Jack Morton Worldwide showreel...

    Jack Morton Worldwide showreel...

    A showcase of recent work. Jack Morton Worldwide is an award-winning global brand experience agency. JMW believe brands need extraordinary ideas that create emotional connections, fuel conversations and deliver business results. For more than 75 years, JMW have brought brands to life through event marketing, promotional marketing, sponsorship marketing, digital, social and mobile, and employee engagement. Jack Morton is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.

    impressive single shot... on VENICE!

    impressive single shot... on VENICE!

    great single shot... VENICE

    Using a 250 sized mini quad for aerial cinematography is not only possible, but the ONLY way to achieve this shot. Gopro Hero 4 black stabilized with ReelSteady. www.ReelSteady.com Watch the unstabilized "before" footage here. https://vimeo.com/143101584 Aerial inquiries: RobertMcIntoshInfo@gmail.com

    Same Home Town... it's like a 25 year anniversary & a home coming all in one!

    Same Home Town... it's like a 25 year anniversary & a home coming all in one!

    Salmonella Dub - Same Home Town

    Plan BETA has made commitments to working with seminal dub roots group Salmonella Dub on content, stage production & communications including a new website, visuals & releases.

    "We'll be integrating media with some special plans that Andrew [Penman] has for the year including some very unique release material" says Joff Rae, Creative. "I'm looking forward to getting the band through the 25th year milestone - proud as fu*k to be involved!"