JoFF Rae

producer / creative


JoFF Rae

producer / creative

JoFF Rae - Producer

As the Producer / Creative, JoFF Rae plays a crucial internal and external role. Internally, he is the cultural leader in the office: introducing energy, excitement and information to the larger team, while acting as a leader across projects and supporting the Design Manager.  Externally, he presents as a creative and strategy leader: someone who can articulately analyze a problem, craft a winning solution and then wrap said solution in the most useful, usable and delightful way possible.


We are a creatively led team.  Joff leads the creative process by generating innovative ideas and engaging the audience through effective concept development and skillful writing (as well as an eye for art direction and environmental design).  Working with the strategy and design teams, ensure the delivery of superior creative solutions that bring the brand experience platform to life, drive event results, meet their budget requirements, and meet our event’s financial targets.

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Joff has returned with his family - home to Wellington after 10 years

Impressario, Producer, Creative & Company Director / New Media Artist with international cognisance in experiential media, arts & entertainment / developer of creative projects / & maker of iconic events.

/ active in Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne & elsewhere / from Aotearoa / live in New Zealand / reside in Wellington / work from home / creative by any means necessary!


Key Accountabilities:

Creative Strategy

  • Develop creative strategy and innovative solutions to solve event marketing and communication challenges
  • Work with the creative process and the account & production teams to develop the vision of event deliverables and effectively communicate that vision to colleagues and events by skillfully crafting content

 Flawless Creative Execution

  • Work closely with Designers and other account team members to ensure on-brand design and accurate message content to meet the event needs.
  • Remain involved in production after the sale to ensure creative integrity, be a creative resource to the team as event needs or budgets change, and further develop the relationship with the event.
  • Remain constantly aware and informed about emerging trends and best practices in advertising, live events, technologies and cultural movements.

Creative Team Leadership

  • Foster a culture and environment that is conducive to creative development by making creative sessions a “safe” place where all participants are heard and respected, resulting in superior creative solutions
  • Demand the very best from all team members, and accept and deliver only original, creatively led concepts that excite the event and the audience
  • Understand, utilize, teach and champion processes and tools that facilitate productive creative development
  • Drive continuous process improvement to discover efficiencies and make recommendations within the creative department
  • Network between offices to share ideas, knowledge and resources.  Know and understand success stories from across the network.  Be able to share those stories with the team and events in the appropriate context.
  • Serve as a coach to more junior creative team members to ensure that they are exposed to appropriate opportunities to help them grow in their career and to ensure that they continue to add increasing value to the team
  • Serve as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to key senior producers
  • Help Design Director with driving the local business forward

Event Management / Business Development

  • Provide leadership in developing business strategies for new and existing events that lead to revenue growth.  Generate ideas that excite events and expand their perceptions of what Plan BETA can do to help them drive results.
  • Understand the events’ business objectives and how those objectives relate to the target audience, while staying in tune to business issues, particularly in key account industries, to assist in generating relevant creative ideas.


  • Proven team leadership qualities
  • An agile and innovative creative mind
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • An understanding of the process and role of creative strategy
  • An understanding of the costs, time-scales and production technicalities involved in delivery
  • Superior writing skills with proven experience with message development and writing in different mediums (i.e. powerpoint, speeches, video, proposals, etc.)
  • Excellent creative and artistic presentation skills
  • Strong in depth knowledge of brand positioning and industry trends, strong understanding of how projects fit into the event’s business and brand position
  • Possess excellent time management skills; proven ability to work on multiple projects at any given time with deadline pressures
  • Demonstrated creative competencies: event focus, accountability for results, organisational sophistication, ingenuity and communicating ideas

Audrey Holyoake

designer / art director

Audrey Holyoake

designer / art director

Audrey Holyoake - Designer

The Design / Art Director provides direction to the Design team to ensure the delivery of superior design that drives client results, meets their budgetary requirements and meets Plan BETA's financial targets.


Key Accountabilities: 

Flawless Execution

  • Ensure work of design team drives desired client results, drawing upon best practices and network resources as necessary
  • Work alongside Creative Director to support the vision of programs and effectively communicate that vision to team and clients through innovative and targeted design
  • Lead the concept development and design for multiple programs simultaneously
  • Partner with the creative lead to develop solutions to solve client marketing and communication challenges

Design Team Leadership

  • Oversee teams to ensure deliverables are in line with the creative across all touch points
  • Oversee all deliverables to make sure they being built to spec and set up properly and stored 
  • Develop and mentor junior design staff to ensure the talent needed to meet changing client needs is available
  • Drive continuous process improvement to discover efficiencies and make recommendations
  • Help create an environment perceived by both potential Design Staff and the freelance community as a rewarding and fun place to work

Client Management/Business Development

  • Ensure consistency of brand across all touch points
  • Collaborate with internal teams to present a visual representation of the creative ideas to client
  • Partner with office leadership to ensure the right creative resources are assigned to the right client projects
  • Understand clients by monitoring business issues, cultural events and trends that affect our clients' audiences

Aaron Hobman

operations manager

Aaron Hobman

operations manager

Aaron Hobman - Operations Manager

Operations Manager Aaron's role is to ensure that all aspects of our integrated marketing campaigns & events are successfully delivered to the client.

This role is also responsible for the fiscal health of the program and for communicating effectively with the team and the client.


Key Accountabilities: 

Planning administration

  • Provide leadership & vision to Plan BETA by assisting the Producer & staff with the development of long range & annual plans, & with the evaluation & reporting of progress on plans.
  • Oversee preparation of an Annual Report summarising progress on short & long range plans.
  • Research & analysis documents & proposals as needed to assist Plan BETA in determining & meeting its long & short term goals.

HR management

  • Recruitment & contracting of company & project staff;
  • Employee development, & training;
  • Policy development & documentation;
  • Employee relations;
  • Performance management & improvement systems;
  • Employment & compliance to regulatory concerns & reporting; company committee facilitation including planning, production, staff; & arranging meetings & agendas, attending & minuting meetings;

Project management

  • Manage hire & distribution of music scores & parts, including any performing rights payments.
  • Oversee the booking of events & tours this includes: venue liaison from negotiating the deal to distribution of audience questionnaires, programs & merchandise.
  • Oversee organisation of company transport, subsistence & accommodation.
  • Liaise with Production Manager to oversee hire & delivery / transport of all technical & production equipment.

Marketing & PR

  • Manage advertising opportunities in other event program, press & at venues.
  • Organise the availability of company members for media/PR events as necessary.
  • Oversee content, production & distribution of all marketing & publicity materials (posters, program, flyers, mail outs, brochures etc) with Design Director & project manager.
  • Manage press development;
  • Co-ordinate the invitation of potential future promoters & supporters of the company.

Financial management  

  • Provide recommendations regarding investments & cash strategies.
  • Oversee preparation of annual budget, regular variance statements & annual audit.
  • Provide vision regarding overall financial health of the company.
  • Provide vision & leadership in long range fiscal planning to ensure the continuity & solvency of the company.
  • Provide recommendations regarding effective utilisation of long & short term debt,  including refinancing & purchasing/sales.
  • Oversee fundraising efforts.


  • Insure accurate documentation of production & quality control data & records. 
  • Direct & oversee site production activities & personnel.
  • Oversee & ensure high safety standards at all times.
  • Direct production activities to insure safety & compliance with quality control standards, regulatory compliance, & lease agreements.
  • Oversee &/or ensure good housekeeping at site at all times.

Administrative management

  • Ensure client & vendor file integrity (documents, analytical information where required, communication notations, etc.).
  • Maintain general oversight & insure accuracy of records including A/R, A/P, Inventory, etc.
  • Assist in development of forms & tools to increase company efficiency & risk management.

clients Liaison

Account Rep' / Manager

clients Liaison

Account Rep' / Manager

Account Representative / Manager

Responsible for supporting specific client & account administrative tasks.  Specific responsibilities of this position include office duties, helping to scout new clients, content providers & contractors & leads and acting as a liaison between the client and the company.


Key Accountabilities: 

  • maintain and develop relationships directly with clients
  • scout and research new clients
  • review demo submissions
  • cover content
  • Account research reports
  • & carry out other scouting projects

The division of Plan BETA that is responsible for client scouting and commercial development of content. It also acts as a liaison between the client and the company.

The role of Account Representative has three main responsibilities

  • Finding clients
  • Overseeing the performance process
  • Assisting with marketing and promotion

The Account Manager will sign new or established clients to the company. They then continue to work closely with the client, acting as their liaison to the company’s business affairs & creative departments and as an advisor.