180618 AFL Washington Field ref_1.jpeg
180618 AFL Washington Field ref_1.jpeg




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We have been building a POC for ARIVAL on Arena Football data.

The ARIVAL AFL POC has had several months of research to ascertain capability of data for visualisation involving Genius sports data in live stream & Sportradar data as concept (from an undeveloped API) for Arena Football.

ARIVAL Prototype build// ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE - stage #3 reprise - 20 June to 20 July 2018


SUMMARY The requirement is to build an Arena Football proof of concept as per attached brief (attached).

APP BUILD + attached 'user stories' pdf / brief - build involving a splash screen & menu/ / menu - stats x 5 / menu items - Unity build / customised code & integration of elements to specification in the brief. - graphics / collateral to be supplied to specification

CAPTURE / BUILD • generic 3D models • integrated / interactive media

POST • haptic/ edit • AR / MR elements

CGI / UNITY BUILD • CGI / interactive graphic AR elements • Vuforia integration for flat plane, targets & location triggered AR content • customised App development • scalable modules

SERVER REQUIREMENTS • server administration & platform development • bundle administration • configure API integration DATA • supplied Sportradar data stream.

+ NOTE : outcomes of data visualisation dependent on the data provided.

EXTRA (if required - not included in quotation) social networking resources asset packages music & sound track

DELIVERY BUILD OUTPUT • iOS - specifically iPhone 7 • assets suitable for press & social networking, PR & promotional material • meta tagged content •

PUBLISH - Hockey App & IPA.

REQUIRED • assets - graphics & identity • 2D & graphic content • Sportradar data stream • video as specified in the brief • App specific licences: Vuforia.

PLEASE NOTE : licences & server costs are a fixed or scaled cost not included in the quotation. [ milestones ] / deposit 25% due immediately; / payments - to schedule; / progress report upon IPA ALPHA App build; / progress report upon completion of IPA; function developed - prior to graphics; able to demonstrate query & response with Sport Radar servers; / calendar & schedule TBC. REPORTING / maintain collaboration tools / stand-up call schedule


PROGRESS [ Wed 18 July ]

- designed menu structure from brief;

- data visualisation from manufactured data; this data was created from examples of NFL data ("similar format");

- graphics draft;

- action to AR - landscape activation;

- sections added; on boarding considered & designed;

- APK & iOS working examples;

- target testing to limitations of A4 print material;


The POC is ready to be constructed as planned.  Resources & testing are required for the delivery.