The Godfather of Harlem Immersive brief

Enter Harlem in the 60s Anywhere in the US [Ar Kit/Core Portals And Holograms, Mixed Reality & Interactive 360 Video]

interactive video content, exclusively for mobile. It will fully translate into a 360 VR experience, and will seamlessly complement the overall digital marketing strategy.

Add-Ons: This idea also lends itself to geolocated AR Portal activations in today’s Harlem. We go onset and capture 360 vignettes of the ‘talent’ and bring those re-enactments to life through ‘AR 360 video Portals’ on the streets of Harlem:

1. Money Hunt: Use AR and gaming engine design to track down Bumpy’s millions, which was seized by the NYPD and given to the Italian Mob.

2. GangsterTours: Day in the Life of Bumpy - tour Harlem in AR through the lens of Bumpy.

Themes For Consideration: Speakeasies. Money. High Fashion. High Society. Italian Mafia. Boxing. Bangkok. Soul. Cops/DEA/Enforcers. Illegal #s Game. Gangster Glam. Classic Cars. Queenie. Bud and Tango.
Production Timings: 4 months


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