NEW SERVICE - large format & fine art Glicee printing on our own large format machine.  We have started to expand our print brokerage & have acquired a large format DesignJet pigment printer for fine art prints & reproductions.

Our print brokerage services have been exclusive to select clients - usually artists & bands.  We are now expanding this service to include some commercial clients & to make the service more accessible & affordable to our artists, bands & community organisations.

If you need some print send us a print ready pdf & a description of your requirements - we have a method that makes life easy for our clients.  We deliver large format billboards; A6 to AAA0 poster & paper print; all sorts of bound requirements; core flute & virtually any surface with vinyl or direct flat bed print methods & machines.  From business cards to posters to billboards & more!

Inquire now for more information!