New Plan BETA / NZVR360° website coming soon!

VR is here... & Nokia have given up making phones to make OZO... Plan BETA will be shooting several projects in VR360° over 2016 - embracing the new technology.  It helps that Youtube have taken the playback seriously - a way to get the new product out!

ozostory #makingOZO #makingVR

There are various ways to playback the content with headsets & Youtube supporting the technology - in a 2D playback that can be manipulated on screen or with a mobile device.

There is a clever "cardboard" head set from Google (VR is definitely on the Google scope - pun intended) for Samsung mobile playback as a split screen...

In Chrome on the desktop, the 360 degree view is controlled via the mouse - try the Tomorrowland 360 experience below >>

Experience the magic of Tomorrowland in a unique 360 degrees adventure. Video production: The Tomorrowland Creative Team and