Finn Beattie - Lost Boy  General Manager Lost Boy Spokesperson

Finn Beattie - Lost Boy

General Manager
Lost Boy Spokesperson

Ethan Wimsett - Lost Boy  Lead Creative

Ethan Wimsett
- Lost Boy

Lead Creative

James Norling - Lost Boy  Lead Technical

James Norling
- Lost Boy

Lead Technical

The Lost Boys are ex interns with & recent graduates on their way to success with Plan BETA initiative the Immersive Space Programme launched this month...

These guys have joined the Plan BETA crew & made some significant impressions in Augmented Reality with a recent exhibition & residency at Toi Poneke...

With projects at Te Papa & Melbourne Fringe Festival & major public events involving huge AR subjects & VR installations the team is set for some virtual greatness in Wellington City & beyond... a fresh startup the Lost Boys have spent a year as interns on projects from Mahuki (Te Papa incubator) & Plan BETA while completing degrees & eventually taking a residency at Toi Poneke.  The residency was an opportunity to develop the basis of a business that would contribute independently to the Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA.

Plans involve an interactive AR installation in Melbourne for the Melbourne Fringe; Waitangi Day Wellington AR theme; & installations in the Performance Arcade & Matariki events 2018 in Wellington.  More events & involvement in Plan BETA projects are expected.

"We're impressed with these guys" says Plan BETA Producer Joff Rae "they fit well in the team & are capable... they demand high standards of their work & drive each other with a nice pace & their output speaks volumes".

The team will work autonomously from the Plan BETA & Alpha State media, event & design production on projects specifically involving digital AR & VR builds while having an active & direct input to the development & direction of the iSPARX platform.  Lost boys will be taking interns in graphic design & some aspects of the VR & AR builds over the next month & will sub contract some tasks for various projects...