The Immersive Space Programme by Plan BETA are developing AR content & visualisation in sports exclusively for ARIVAL.


It’s gameday, everyday

Arival technology brings your fans into the game like never before, using augmented reality to visualize real-time player data whilst engaging them with gamification. 

With the Arival platform, the technology isn’t just limited to the field or court, we can create fan engagement from the court to the stadium, to the city and beyond. 

Gameday is no longer once a week, with Arival its every day.

Fan facemasks

Complementary to the Arival platform we also deliver the latest technology in facial recognition, painting the faces of fans at the game through augmented reality, engaging them to show and share their passion for the team at the stadium and online.

Taking things to the next level by integrating facial recognition with the Arival platform, the technology engages fans further into the world of augmented reality, exciting passion for the players and the teams like no other event activation.