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The Performance Arcade will launch Nov.14

The Performance Arcade will launch Nov.14

coming Nov.14/ Launch/ announcements//

The Performance Arcade 2017 has launched! Sam Trubridge, Founder and Artistic Director of the Arcade, talks about this unique event and describes a little of what to expect in March 2017. Hope to see you there! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram! Follow us on Twitter!

The Performance Arcade brings together visual arts and performance in a specially curated ‘exhibition-event’ of live art practices on Wellington Waterfront. An arrangement of shipping containers and scaffold structures provides a temporary architecture for this unique project, housing a bar space, a programme of live music and events, and new performance installations by NZ and International artists. Open 13 hours a day, this event is free to the Wellington public.

The Performance Arcade is an annual Live Art mini-festival and programme of free events located on Wellington Waterfront. Since its inaugural presentation in 2011, The Performance Arcade has become a highly anticipated event with an ever-increasing international profile. In 2014 the Arcade was presented as part of the prestigious New Zealand Festival.


Using a series of architecturally arranged shipping containers, The Performance Arcade creates a series of spaces for installation, performance art, sonic art, interactive media, forums and live music. Opening onto the bustling life of the Wellington Waterfront, these sites of encounter engage the public in contemporary art and performance practices outside the familiar constraints of gallery or theatre spaces. This free event is at once playful and engaging. It is a site of discovery and interaction, offering the public a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in relevant and new Live Art experiences.


The event is open for thirteen hours each day and is curated to offer activities that range in scale from small, personal artistic encounters to live music and AV installation performed under the night skies. The 2014 event involved 39 artists, 42 musicians and 24 crew. In 2014 close to 10,000 people experienced the Arcade over five days.

iSPARX - the new immersive media asset platform by PlanBETA

iSPARX - the new immersive media asset platform by PlanBETA

@ the Immersive Space Programme by PlanBETA we choreograph exceptional 360° immersive media.

We produce experiential 360° media for multiple platforms - primarily mobile & web, Daydream & cardboard, GearVR & premier VR headsets - Oculus, HTC Vive, PlaystationVR & Hololens.

iSPARX is a catalogue of edited 360° video, interactive immersive media & streaming content - live & VoD; you will find Apps & 360° media content made in the Immersive Space Programme.

Immersive Space Programme & iSPARX is a collaborative effort...

Plan BETA has independently developed the basis of the iSPARX product & has advanced the production process for 360° video & immersive media with Alpha STATE Limited & other sub contractors (3SIX0DEGREES Limited) including database & front end R&D & demonstration media.  Furthermore the company has developed streaming 2D & 360° video on multiple platforms & in AR & VR (Unity); established publishing & licensing; established & developed content websites; & maintained & developed relationships with suppliers & clients.

The Lost Boys provide iSPARX with 3D models & asset development including templates & practical examples.  The independent company Lost Boys Limited operate with autonomy in the GLAM sector & retain an interest in iSPARX; the company specialise in 3D asset production & development of standards & processing for the iSPARX platform.

CH, website

A functional example of a well designed website - with some new products & old favourites this story continues to provide expressive & balanced design, functional flavour & taste with superb subtle detail.  You will leave satisfied with the experience.  by Cole Holyoake.

need a new website? from $500* incl, domain & hosting!

need a new website? from $500* incl, domain & hosting!

Great value & damn cool websites
from Plan BETA!

Get a website for as little as $500*

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We want to increase the capacity & delivery of our web servers so we're offering a deal for a short time = 50% off the design hours of websites ordered before April & free domain name & hosting - you could have a website for as little as $500 including hosting & domain for a year! terms & conditions apply*

• check out examples & standard costs of our work here... 

Plan BETA websites >

Plan BETA websites >

* refers to a simple cover page, hosting & domain registration - please see example


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decisions ÷ colour / brand

decisions ÷ colour / brand

We all know that colour effects mood & ultimately decisions... from street signs to brands to clothes we wear.  Here's the guide we use at PlanBETA when we consider theme or colours for your event, brand exercise or design...

web build :

web build :

client : GLITCH FREE Entertainment

An established production & stage crew company based in Auckland.
• the company asked for a simple website that explained the services & history of the business; mobile ready (the crew are usually on the road) with integrated social networking (Instagram, twitter & Facebook); easily upgraded & scalable; email accessible & updatable news blog.
We also featured the companies intentions to expand in to Wellington with services Nationwide; & have a "hiring now" campaign planned to increase awareness in the industry.

Plan BETA integrated several services in the company as a preferred supplier & will continue to work with GLITCH FREE as a corporate partner & collaborator.  Plan BETA is very proud of the new website that GLITCH FREE has just acquired!